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Lazuli Shoals

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Hello I'm Tom from Lazuli Shoals. The Picture above is of the essential band members from left to right is myself Tom Armstrong on guitar and vocals,  Linn Jennings on drums, and David Cordell on bass.

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Some Backroads


After recording seven tracks on the Album Creature with Rare Elephant, I moved out of Seattle to get out of the city and find a closer connection to the back roads of Puget Sound. I was very lucky to meet Linn Jennings (Percussion) and David Cordell (Bass) the other members of Lazuli Shoals. The songs I've written over the years are the focus of our vision (More later). I am confident the up and coming album Brooding will be a landmark debut album. If you have the Will please have a listen. In any future events Lazuli Shoals will be playing all the songs I have written. This includes any songs from previous bands including, The Consequences, and  Rare Elephant,  In the near future Lazuli Shoals will be releasing another album and it will be Tom Armstrong's Collected Works by Lazuli Shoals. This will include live versions of all the material I have recorded with all My past bands including releases of songs re-recorded by The Consequences and Rare Elephant. 

Our Vision


I believe there are many, many, people here in North West Washington that have traveled as deep into the farthest reaches and corners of the Puget Sound Basin as the Band Mates from Lazuli Shoals. The idea of the name of Lazuli Shoals came from Linn Jennings' a Master Boatwright living on Puget Sound with his beautiful wife and David Cordell, with his beautiful wife, living in the rustic town of Snohomish originally called Cadyville. The idea of the troubled waters and the need for a musical reference was dominant as we we thought about a name for the band. The idea of Shoals comes from all the hidden rocks in all the deceptive locations in the sound itself. Such as Deception Pass and Cattle Point on San Juan Island. If you can't navigate these water ways then it could be a reason to sing the blues. Robert Plant once said "I sing for the blue note!" and from there I had considered another name for blue=Lazuli!

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Thanks for taking the time to stop by I'm Tom Armstrong and with a great deal of help from the band mates this is our music and band. If you have questions, want to book a show, or collaborate on a new piece? Reach out and let's make music happen. You can also find us on 

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The Woo

Tracks from our Debut Album, Brooding!

Rock My Soul

Tracks from our Debut Album, Brooding!

Over City Streets

Tracks from our Debut Album, Brooding!