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Hello I'm Tom Armstrong from Lazuli Shoals. The Picture above and many of the new pictures on the site were take at The Taproom at Bayview Corner by Alyssa Joy Nelson. She did a fantastic job and enjoyed her presence at the gig. We have an awesome new keyboard player,  Jeff Goodman adding a whole new layer to the sound. So from left to right is Linn Jennings on drums, then myself Tom Armstrong on guitar and vocals,    David Cordell on bass, and Jeff Goodman on keys.

Some Backroads


After recording seven tracks on the Album Creature with Rare Elephant, I moved out of Seattle to get out of the city and find a closer connection to the back roads of Puget Sound. After meeting Linn Jennings (Percussion) and David Cordell (Bass) it took over a 3 years to find the right Keyboard player and we're happy to have Jeff Goodman (keys). We're now set to start expanding the sound and maybe add another guitarist and backing vocals to Lazuli Shoals. It's a process to find the right members to expand the sound. 

The songs I've written over the years are the focus of Our Vision. Our first album Brooding has been out for almost a year and its been causing a bit of a "quiet" stir. If you're interested in new original music please have a listen. If you're auditioning us for a gig don't be fooled by the mellow style we do rock live. We cover all the songs I've recorded. This includes any songs from previous bands including, The Consequences, and  Rare Elephant,  In the near future Lazuli Shoals will be releasing another album. I've been working on remodeling my Carriage House and turning it into a small state of the art studio/practice room. The next album will be out in 2020 along with blogs.  

Our Vision


I believe there are many, many, people here in North West Washington that have traveled as deep into the farthest reaches and corners of the Puget Sound Basin as the Band Mates from Lazuli Shoals. The idea of the name of Lazuli Shoals came from Linn Jennings'. Linn's a Master Boatwright living on Puget Sound with his beautiful wife who has been enjoying creating art. As well as David Cordell with his beautiful wife, living in the rustic town of Snohomish originally called Cadyville. Now we are happy to say we have a fourth member to Lazuli Shoals, Jeff Goodman who is living with his family in Island County. The idea of the troubled waters and the need for a musical reference was dominant as we thought about a name for the band. The idea of Shoals comes from all the hidden rocks in all the deceptive locations in the sound itself. Such as Deception Pass and Cattle Point on San Juan Island. If you can't navigate these water ways then it could be a reason to sing the blues. Robert Plant once said "I sing for the blue note!" and from there I had considered another name for blue=Lazuli!

Stress Free and Original

Need some Mystic Bluesy Sounds?


We are an all original band that plays a retro 60s, 70s, and 80s sound for your venue. Whether it's a Taproom, Winery, Dinner Lounge, Private Party, Corporate Party, Festival, you name it.   

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We are booking through the summer of 2020. You can contact Me (Tom Armstrong) through this site or join our email list. 

If you have a PA let me know what equipment you have and what brand. Otherwise I can bring what's needed. 



Linn Jennings started playing drums when the Beatles were still a popular movement. He added guitar to diversify. Over the years he’s played in a variety of bands, with musical tastes leaning towards progressive, rock, and the blues. When Linn isn’t playing drums for Lazuli Shoals, he can be found playing guitar or cruising the waters of Puget Sound with his wife aboard their classic Egg Harbor motor yacht.



David Cordell began playing upright bass in high school with a progressive jazz quartet in South Seattle. Then moved to bass guitar-playing blues, rock, and pop in a variety of bands over the last 50 years.  He joined 

Lazuli Shoals in 2017 and enjoys matching bass lines and rhythms to the words and mood of the band’s original songs.



Jeff Goodman born In Brooklyn, NY. A new-comer to the northern Puget Sound region. Jeff adds depth and dimension to the Lazouli Shoals group. Coming from a background in the arts, he has performed with recognized groups on both coasts. As well as providing remote studio tracking of keyboard/ Hammond parts in collaboration with notable artists. He is enjoying his tenure with LS here in the beautiful north sound region. And enjoys the freedom, emotion and space in Tom’s music.

Guitar and Vocals


Thomas (Tom) Armstrong began playing guitar as a pre-teen and was inspired by Led Zeppelin, Cream, Pink Floyd, the Beatles 

“White Album”, and others of that era. In the ‘90s he started to take songwriting seriously, began writing songs, and studied music at the University of Idaho's, Lionel Hampton School of Music in Moscow, Idaho. Tom has played in numerous bands and has 

performed as a solo artist throughout the Northwest; he continues to create new songs-another album is being planned for 2020.

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Thanks for taking the time to stop by I'm Tom Armstrong and with a great deal of help from the band mates this is our music and band. If you have questions, want to book a show, or collaborate on a new piece? Reach out and let's make music happen. You can also find us on 

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The Woo

Tracks from our Debut Album, Brooding!

Rock My Soul

Tracks from our Debut Album, Brooding!

Over City Streets

Tracks from our Debut Album, Brooding!


Tracks from our Debut Album, Brooding!